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Christ is ENOUGH for me.

Do you have a quote or saying that you try to remember every day to keep you focused on your priorities and goals? (If you do, please share it with me below in a comment)! Mine is currently: Christ is ENOUGH for me.

It was in October or November that we sang the song "Christ is Enough for Me" by Hillsong United, and it really stuck with me. Like really stuck. God kept telling me, I am Enough. I am Enough. I am Enough.

I added it to my social media bios as a reminder to myself what is really important. Why do I do what I do? What matters in the end? How do I want to be remembered? My salvation is the most important thing in my life but sometimes I forget that. It's more important than photography. It's more important than making money, being fashionable, and getting Likes and Followers. Like anybody, I can get caught up in this social media driven society where you compare your life + business with others. God has to remind me on a daily basis that in the end, He is enough. His love + vision for my life is so much more fulfilling than any other thing on earth.

And when Christ is enough, He reminds me that I am enough. He made me ENOUGH. It's crazy to think about how the God of the universe loves me and thinks I am enough. That He knows I screw up every single freakin day but loves me just the same. That He loves every single person so so much, and just wants to be in our lives. How beautiful and amazing is that? ❤️-Colette

Photo by Katie Meserko.

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