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colette's closet | spring time

I have mixed feelings about spring time.

The warmer weather makes me feel more productive and we can have photo shoots outside! I love fresh flowers, blooming trees, green grass and all that jazz.

However, spring also means . . .

Yard Work (I don't necessarily DO yard work but I don't even like the idea of it).😜

My allergies flare up and bugs start to come out of hiding.

Michael is at work until the sun goes down.

It rains a lot. (Actually that might be a good thing since it's the only way my car gets washed).

I am expected to shave my legs and not wear leggings all the time. 👎🏻

Pumpkin flavored things just disappear. Where do they go??!!??

Since I hate being a Debbie-Downer, I've decided to stay positive and put together a few "Springy" outfits to share with you!! I love wearing black; like seriously, I love it. When people say they have to stop wearing black when it gets warmer out, I just continue to prance around in black pretty much all of the time. Above I am wearing my favorite leggings from Express with a simple blank tank top from Target. When you have a loud statement piece like this light-weight floral jacket (from Forever 21), you can keep the rest of your ensemble pretty simple. Oh, and I couldn't resist putting on my gorgeous green oxford flats I found at Savers. (Necklace is from Versona).

Mixing patterns is so much FUN!! (Can you tell I was really digging the Tiffany blue Starbucks cup? 😁) If the patterns/colors compliment each other, go ahead and put them together!! This floral black and white top is from TeaElla Boutique and I got the pants at Zara in NYC last summer. Earrings are from Nickel and Suede (I'm obsessed with them). 😍

Even though it *usually* gets a little warmer during spring, I am ALWAYS cold. Thus, I tend to wear layers. This striped dress is perfect. (from Zara) When I inevitably get chilly, I can just put this floral sweater on for extra coziness. 😊 I am also loving the whole trend of wearing tennis shoes with dresses (shoes from Converse, sweater from Savers).

What are your favorite spring outfits or favorite part of spring?? Let me know in a comment below!



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