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lady of victory

"The road to victory is worth documenting; it is worth sharing." via Lady of Victory

On a chilly spring morning earlier this year, I pulled up in my car to a beautiful home. Holding a bowl of pumpkin muffins I had made the night before, I was ready to have brunch with a bunch of women I didn't know. I had met Laura Campbell in 2015 through her oldest son Tyler who models at Hoffman International Model and Talent Agency. I am the Photo & Marketing Specialist at Hoffman and Laura hired me to take portfolio photos for Tyler. She mentioned she was a photographer as well so, of course, I checked out her work. I was shocked . . . in a good way. :) All of Laura's photos were BREATHTAKING. I was so impressed! Soon Laura was talking to me about taking family photos and I was excited to be working with such a nice family. A couple months went by and Laura messaged me that she felt like God wanted her to invite me to a brunch she was hosting at her house on the 2nd Saturday of the month. I couldn't say no to brunch. ;) So there I was with my muffins (pretty much the only thing I bake) anxiously walking into a room with strangers. I am so thankful Laura listened to God and invited me! Now I feel like I've been friends with Laura for years. :D

Along with being a photographer, Laura is also a lovely writer and owner of Lady of Victory--a lifestyle blog created to inspire women of all ages through a composition of fine art and lifestyle photography and the written word. Laura came up with the name Lady of Victory from the meaning of her actual name~ Laura: the embodiment of victory and strength. I love the message of girls and women rising up and being victorious together. I think God is using Laura to do great things through Lady of Victory.

I was so excited when I got my Lady of Victory shirt! I also love my Lady of Victory "Seek. Dream. Seek." card so much, I framed it for my studio/office. P.S. I love these pants I got in NYC. :D

You might recognize Laura from her headshot shoot with me a few months ago~

If you want to see beautiful photographs and be inspired, make sure you check out Lady of Victory's website and Facebook page!



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