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preparing for the next season

As I held my daughter in my arms and showed her the setting sun, my eyes landed on the mainly empty tree branches above us. A few single leaves swayed in the breeze and barely hung on to the branches. ⁠

I was reminded that it is ok to let go. ⁠

To open your hand and release ⁠

the past, ⁠

the pressure, ⁠

the comparisons, ⁠

the worries, ⁠

the failures, ⁠

whatever you are clutching onto in your life that is holding you back.⁠

It is ok to let go, move on, flutter to the ground, ⁠

and rest. ⁠

Rest ⁠

and ⁠

evolve. ⁠

Even in nature, change is essential. ⁠

When one season morphs into the next, it shows us that life is moving forward. ⁠

We are here. ⁠

We are growing. ⁠

We are preparing for the next season, ⁠

and it is well. ⁠

Whatever season you are in right now, I hope you have peace during this winter season. My life looks different in many ways than it did a year ago and even more so two years ago and three years ago. More change is coming and I don’t know what the future exactly holds but I am excited for what 2021 will bring.


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