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pepper's baby shower

Words can’t express how thankful and blessed we feel from all of the love that has been showered upon us and Pepper! We are extremely lucky to have so many gracious family and friends and we don’t take it for granted. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to everyone who made our beautiful shower happen. We’ve been looking forward to this celebration for so long. It felt like Christmas and our birthdays x 100!

I know I’m not able to include everyone by name who helped (and I was kept out of the loop on so many details so I’m sure I don’t even know who all helped) but a special shout-out to my sisters who planned for months and thought of every little detail (like buying a special blanket to put over my chair and getting water bottles for me and Michael that matched the decor). Brittnee who designed our perfect invitations and helped in many ways. Laura for letting us use her beautiful serving trays and more. My mom and mom-in-law for helping in all the ways moms help. Michele for doing my hair and makeup. All of the family and friends who drove from afar to come celebrate with us. And my cousin Lily who took all of these photos!! Thank you. 💕


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