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is this your first?

“Is this your first?”⁠ I know it is a go-to question for expecting moms, and it's asked of me more and more as my belly starts to pop out. It is such a loaded question for me and so many other moms out there though. Sometimes I answer yes, ⁠ they smile and we move on. ⁠ Sometimes I answer no, ⁠and leave it at no. ⁠ Or I say, this is my fourth pregnancy but we don’t have any living children at home. ⁠ Or I say that our son Bennett was stillborn last year. ⁠ Or I say we’ve had a lot of loss. ⁠ My answer varies a little bit every time. ⁠ Sometimes I’m exhausted and don’t want to talk. Sometimes I don’t want the person to feel awkward. ⁠ But most of the time I voice Bennett’s name. He stole my heart and then his precious little sister came and stole it too; and that’s my true answer. ❤️❤️❤️❤️


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