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featured photo shoot: maya

What can I say about Maya? She is extremely sweet, professional, talented and kind. I loved talking with her and getting to know her better while Michele Taylor did her hair and makeup!

Here is a little insight into our photo shoot together and how I decided on her outfits and locations!

Maya is a model and needed updated photos for her portfolio. For the first look, I decided that a very special dress that has been hanging in my client wardrobe closet for a long time needed to come out. This vintage dress was my mom's when she was teenager and I loved how it looked on Maya! I also paired the dress with a great oversized sweater to add texture and variety.

Maya needed new acting head shots so we shot those in the orange sweater to make her face pop and to showcase her natural beauty. Then we got a little more dramatic and pulled her hair back and put her in a silky gown. I found this gown at Savers Thrift Store awhile ago and it has just been hanging in my closet. It was finally the right time to shoot in it! The photo with the black background is the only shot where we used my strobe light. (All of the other photos were shot with natural light). I wanted to use my strobe on that one to enhance the dramatic look.

We ended our shoot at the new Indian Creek Library which has really great natural light inside and cool architecture outside. I wanted this look to be more commercial, so we took her hair back down and I had her wear simple jeans and a black top. We brought the jacket for extra variety (variety is always good!), plus it was really chilly outside!

Let me know if you have any questions about my photo shoot process that I didn't cover!

I already knew Maya was super sweet but a few weeks after our shoot, she outdid herself and sent me an adorable Pepper onesie for Pepper! (Scroll to the bottom to see). She is so thoughtful and totally made my day with her surprise!!

Thank you so much Maya for a fun photo shoot together and for being so gracious. I loved working with you!!

Hair + Makeup: Michele Taylor

Agency: Exposure

Photos + Wardrobe styling: Colette

Thank you Maya for the onesie! :)

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