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a note from heaven

Weeks ago my sister Ashley told me our baby shower invitations had come in the mail. My talented friend Brittnee designed them and I was excited to see what they looked like! After Ashley opened the invitations she noticed the box they came in and sent me a photo. ⁠

The box said BENNETT Packaging on it. What are the chances of that?? Tears came to my eyes as I saw the symbolism of Bennett taking care of his little sister and paving the way for her. I received a moment of peace knowing that my son is safe and happy in Heaven. ⁠ I am also reminded of just how close God is to us and how He is always intertwined in our lives. I am forever grateful for these notes from Heaven when I feel God telling me:⁠ I see you. ⁠ I love you.⁠ I’m here for you.⁠


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