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featured photo shoot: eleanor

Sweet Eleanor needed new photos for her acting and modeling portfolio and it turned out to be an extra special day of shooting together!

One thing that made it special was that I finally got to work with hair and make up stylist Maria Flowers. Maria had reached out to me a long time ago about working together and we finally made it happen! The timing was perfect.

Another thing that made this session unique is that a couple hours before we were scheduled to start shooting, I had a random idea to shoot by these yellow flowers a few blocks from my house. I wanted to incorporate a fashionable watering can (my basic plastic one was not going to cut it) and I didn’t know if what I wanted even existed. LOL I looked at the Target by my house and they had the perfect one! I picked it up and had it ready just in the nick of time.

So before Eleanor arrived at my home studio I was already really excited for this photo shoot. But what made it even more special was Eleanor herself. She has such a sweet soul and is extremely thoughtful. When I opened my front door for her, she was holding a beautiful flower arrangement. She saw that I had mentioned on social media that Bennett's birthday was coming up that weekend. When she realized how close our photo shoot date was to his birthday, she asked her mom, who is an extremely talented florist, put together a gorgeous bouquet for me and Bennett. It was so kind and completely took me off guard. {I had to include a snapshot of the flowers at the bottom of this post.}

We grieve because we love, and when we grieve, extra love is shown to us. It's kinda beautiful how hurt and disaster can bring out the goodness and kindness in one another. ❤️

I love how these photos turned out, and I love even more how now when I look at them I can also remember what a special morning of shooting we all had together.

And the beautiful flowers~

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