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our little girl 🌈

As the season of Thanksgiving quickly approaches, Michael and I’s hearts are bursting with thankfulness as we share we are expecting! 🍁⁠ We’ve been blessed with our baby girl for 20 weeks so far, and literally every single day is such a gift. Each time I feel her move, my gratefulness bursts out with a smile. We know our daughter’s life is in God’s hands and in His control. The past fews months have been a blur of laughs, tears, ultrasounds, and the consumption of a great deal of chicken sandwiches. Bennett is such a good big brother from Heaven. He has taught us so much and has given our doctors insight, which helps us take extra special care of his little sister. 🌈⁠ Thank you to everyone who has ever said a prayer for us. We won’t object if you keep the prayers coming. 🙏❤️

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