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today is a new day

As the sun slowly climbs the sky, it knows today is a new day. It rises like it did yesterday but it is not yesterday.

The light trickles up and pours itself across the grass, across the trees, across your painted home.

The filtered light is a canopy, engulfing you and the world, inch by inch. It dances and twirls, creating a show just for you. A bird chirps and its friend across the way sings back with a joyful noise.

Today is a new day.

You sip your coffee and breathe in its aroma; feeling the heat as it warms your chilled morning hands. You hear the breeze gently move branches outside your window. You kiss your darling, snuggle your cat, put one foot in front of the other.

Today is a new day.

The sun is high, warming the dirt below. You talk, create, connect and enjoy. You drive here, walk there, Marking items off your list along the way.

Today is a new day.

The sun keeps moving, just like you, turning soft as the fireflies come out to play. The fragrance of your evening fare drifts across your full home as you sit and reflect on the day.

When you say your prayers, thanking God for this new day, your head sinks into your pillow, and you drift off to a peaceful sleep, remembering that the sun is resting too. And it is good.

Tomorrow is a new day.


I wrote this poem this morning to encourage you that every day is a new day. Then I decided to make this little relaxing video to show what inspired my words instead of the photo I was planning on posting. Because . . . today is a new day.

Happy National Encouragement Day friends. ❤️

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