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always a part of you

After becoming a mother, it feels like your baby is always a part of you

And it's true.

Not only emotionally but physically.

After we lost Bennett somebody mentioned to me that when a woman is pregnant, their baby literally changes their DNA. They become part of their mom, forever and always.

I did more research and found out that during pregnancy, cells from the baby go through the placenta and enter the mother's body, where they become part of her tissue.

So women who have been pregnant, carry at least three unique cell groups in their bodies – their own, their mother’s, and their child’s.

I had this in mind when I placed this flower on Kelly. I wanted to show that her son Calvin, who blessed his family with four precious days here on earth, will always be a part of her. And your babies, no matter how long or short they were with you, will always be a part of you. 💐

This portrait is a peek at the Seasons of Hope photo shoots I am doing as a tribute to babies in Heaven, their mamas and women who have experienced infertility. It's actually one of my very favorite photos that I've ever taken. I'm so thankful Kelly trusted me to take these photographs to honor her and her son.

In this photo: Kelly {+ sweet baby boy Calvin in spirit} Hair and makeup: Michele Taylor

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