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bennett's elephant

I've collected elephants for my entire life. ⁠

Literally. ⁠

When I was a baby, my parents gave me my first stuffed animal--an elephant. From then on, I would receive elephants for my birthday and holidays. Soon it became second nature for me to be drawn to elephants. I moved from toys to clothing to home decor. ⁠⁠

My parents chose elephants to be a part of my life but soon, on my own, I came to the conclusion that elephants are beautiful. They are large and powerful but gentle and emotional. They are intelligent and loving. They are amazing creatures. When Michael and I visited South Africa, one of my favorite moments was hanging out with rescued elephants. ⁠⁠

As we began thinking about having children, we knew we would incorporate elephants into their nursery. ⁠This was Bennett's first elephant. It was given to him by, of course, my parents -- his Mumzy + Poppy. When we found out we lost Bennett and I would be induced the next day, I asked my sisters what I should bring to the hospital. I was so overwhelmed. I am relieved they suggested bringing some of his blankets and toys and my camera. I took photos of Bennett with his elephant. God willing we will give this same elephant to Bennett's younger sibling some day and tell them all about the impact their big brother made on our lives. ⁠

{Perhaps you know someone who is experiencing loss right now and you can suggest this to them too. The hospital had a photographer there if I didn't feel like taking my own photos}.⁠

So, to say elephants have a special place in my heart on this World Elephant Day, would be an understatement. 🐘

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