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Hi there! I haven't blogged about a photo shoot in awhile but I wanted to share a little bit more about my recent shoot with Kate Hudson. No, not that Kate Hudson. 😉I shot with Kate a few years ago (scroll to the bottom to see a photo from that shoot) and was excited when her dad contacted me about setting up another shoot this year. Kate is interested in modeling so after getting her hair and makeup done by Michele Taylor, we shot in my Olathe, KS studio and then at a small park just down the street. I've been wanting to shoot at a playground and with a water fountain, so we did! Kate was such a good sport by going along with my ideas and is a natural in front of the camera. We listened to Billie Eilish and talked about Kate's summer plans. It was the perfect morning of being creative and having fun.

I've noticed that as we get older, we forget to just have fun and play, which is why I wanted to shoot at a playground. (Even though I know Kate is clearly still super young. 😂) But as we maneuvered the playground and ran around, I had the thought that simply having fun and playing around shouldn't go out the window as we age. So today I urge you to play. Do something just for fun. Do something you used to enjoy as a kid but haven't done in a long time. What comes to mind when you think of having fun as a kid? Swinging on a swing set? Playing in a sprinkler? Playing Monopoly? Playing catch? Coloring a picture? (P.S. If you want a free coloring sheet, enter your email address on my homepage and you'll automatically be emailed one).

Let me know what fun things you want to do!

My first shoot with Kate a few years ago . . .

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