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valerie | social media branding

Social media is an ever-growing force in our world and I think it's here to stay. ;) I try to limit my social media intake and just take it for what it is-- a way for us to connect with one another online! So this year I started offering a new photo shoot experience for bloggers + social media influencers. I recently shot with beautiful, kind and hard working Valerie Edwards. Valerie is a mom, wife, Arbonne ENVP + founder of the non-profit For the Love of Mateo (named after her son). We really had so much fun shooting around my home studio and laughing along with Valerie's fellow Arbonne ENVP and friend Linda Loveless who did Valerie's makeup. These are just some of my favorite photos from our shoot together. Thank you Valerie + Linda for a lovely morning of shooting together! I know you and all of the other Arbonne business builders are having a crazy fun time in Las Vegas for GTC right now! Enjoy!!

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