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small town girls - published in beauNU magazine

It seems like for years I was dreaming up photo shoot concepts that took place in my little hometown of Orrick, MO. I was ecstatic to make this photo shoot come to life. Bringing the team together, styling the outfits, planning where we should shoot, and then actually seeing the ideas come to life on my camera was such a fulfilling experience. Along with the location being my hometown where the majority of my immediate family still lives, I implemented several sentimental aspects into these photographs. The green truck now belongs to my dad. For years and years and years it was parked in my grandpa's open air garage. I have a lot of memories playing in the bed of that truck when I was a kid. After my grandpa passed, my dad took the truck he had driven as a teenager. The photos below were taken in my parent's backyard. I grew up reading, riding my bike, cuddling cats and playing pretend with my sisters in that same backyard. The scarf tied around Taylor's neck once belonged to my great grandma Dickey. After she passed, I received many of her scarfs and hand painted jewelry which I love to include in my photo shoots. My grandma always says I remind her of her mother, which I love.

The middle set of photos were taken in front of an out-of-business gas station down the street from my parent's house. I had been wanting to take photos there for a long time. I am so glad we shot when we did because to my surprise, the whole gas station is now completely leveled.

The last set of photos were taken on location at The Home Place at Valley View. The owners are family friends and they so graciously not only let us shoot there, but also let us do hair and makeup at their beautiful event venue. Rain poured out from the sky before we captured this final look. Walking through mud was worth it to get authentic RAINBOW photos. I repeat. There was a rainbow!! You can do all the planning in the world, but you can't plan for rainbows. God was looking out for us! Then the horses came over to us while we were shooting which was the perfect ending to one of my all time favorite photo shoots. The long green dress that Alexa is wearing in the last photos once belonged to my great grandma Dickey. She seriously owned so many gorgeous items and I feel so lucky that I get to use them now.

During all of this styling and shooting, photographer (and my cousin) Lily Warman shot behind the scenes video of everything. I am so happy to have this video. She did an awesome job! Scroll to the bottom of this post to watch the video!!

The icing on the cake for this photo shoot is the fact that it was PUBLISHED in beauNU Magazine! Seeing my photographs in print is one of the best feelings. (You can see some cheesy photos of me holding the magazine if you scroll to the bottom of this page). I am so proud of our whole team. With that being said, this shoot would have been impossible without my amazing team. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who helped make my vision come to life.

Hair + Makeup by Michele Taylor + Jami Roth

Location: The Home Place at Valley View, and my parent's house!

Videographer: Lillian W Photography


Behind the scenes video by Lillian W Photography:

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