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hello social media

Hello social media. I haven’t seen you in awhile. A few months ago I was doing pretty well with posting consistently and I had weeks of photos and blog posts already scheduled to post back in October. After we lost Bennett, it all felt so fake. How could I still post about photo shoots and books and happy vibes like nothing ever happened? I can’t do fake. It’s one of my biggest pet peeves. So I canceled photo after photo that I had planned on posting. For the past 7 weeks I’ve learned that consistently posting might not be as important as I thought. (I guess Michael was right. 🤷🏼‍♀️) I lost a few followers but that’s ok. I would rather my posts be authentic and meaningful than to just be posting for the sake of posting. With that being said, I’m slowly getting back into the groove of things. Some days I feel a little more “normal,” other days I don’t. I still hurt—a lot—but knowing God is in control gives me peace.

The photo I posted is one of my favorites from my photo series “The Birth of Spring” (which was featured in Alchemist magazine). The photoshoot symbolizes a season of winter slowly turning into a season of spring. I took this photo in January and I thought my darkest season of winter was over but it’s not. I do know that spring always comes after winter, so I’m trusting Jesus and taking it day by day. I hope you are too. 💙

Model: Kelena with Hoffman International Model and Talent Agency Hair and Makeup: Michele Taylor

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