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i lost my wedding ring


It was a week after I had Bennett when I realized it. I wore it the whole time at the hospital and took it off in the kitchen when we got home. I didn’t think about any jewelry for that week. On a Friday afternoon, my in-laws were coming over and I decided to actually leave the house and go out to lunch with them. I went to grab my rings and my honeymoon ring was in its usual spot but my wedding ring wasn’t there. I started searching EVERYWHERE. When it wasn’t showing up, I got upset. I texted Michael. He called me and told me it was ok. Tom and Karla showed up and we searched even more. Michael got home from work and we searched more and more. For the next week, whenever anyone came by, they searched too. Looking over the places we had already searched time and time again. I started to accept that my ring could really be gone. We were afraid it accidentally got swept into the trash. Michael reassured me that we would get a replacement. “An even bigger ring!” he said. But I didn’t want a bigger ring. I wanted MY ring. The one he used to propose to me on Christmas Eve in the snow. The one I’m supposed to wear for the rest of my life.

After 4 weeks of it being lost, I thought, “You know what, my most prized possession is lost and I’m ok.” It made me sad and I felt so guilty for losing it. I still said a prayer on that Friday morning that God would make my ring randomly appear somewhere for me to find but I had accepted it was probably gone. I arrived at Hoffman for work and grabbed my laptop out of my bag. Something shimmery caught my eye in the bottom of my bag. “No way!” I thought as I reached down. IT WAS MY RING!!!!! Just sitting there like it hadn’t been lost for almost a month. I still can’t believe it. I had searched my laptop bag multiple times and had been using it for a couple weeks. Then it appeared out of nowhere! I thank God for giving me the gift of my wedding ring. I know in the grand scheme of things I don’t need any of my physical processions but in the midst of everything, it felt good to be looked out for and to have such a sentimental piece of jewelry back on my finger. ❤️

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