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WHERE has this year gone?

No, like seriously??

I LOVE this time of year so I'm not complaining it's just crazy how quickly time passes. I was thinking, "I need to do another book blog post soon. When did I post my last one?" Oh my word, I posted it in March!! It covered the books I read in January + February. (Click HERE to see it. I started the year off with some really awesome books). I've read (or listened to) a lot more books since then and today I'm going to share 5 of the books I've recently read. They are all non-fiction and along the theme of people sharing their own life stories to encourage others. Click on the book title to see more about the book on Amazon.


I LOVED this book. Loved, loved, loooovveed. Erin writes about how her life seemed so perfect. She was a star, had a great husband and adorable baby. She had "arrived" but she felt lost. She decided to turn away from fast and fame and frenzy, and turned toward a new lifestyle of shifting her focus to what REALLY matters in life. She talked about her husband's brain tumor, bankruptcy, family loss, and public criticism and learning to surrendering it all. This book made me feel refreshed and motivated to live a slower, and just as meaningful, life. (And I really like following Erin on Instagram)!

Simply Tuesday: Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World by Emily P. Freeman (non-fiction): RATING: 3.5

Do you see a pattern? 😉This books talks all about embracing the now, embracing the day-to-day, embracing a Tuesday. It had a lot of great reminders and even though I didn't enjoy it quite as much as Chasing Slow, I still got a lot out of it!

This book is all about doing things in your life instead of just talking about doing them. With humor and heart, Bob shares his many life stories about just getting up and trying. He talks about getting into law school even though his grades weren't good enough, supporting his children's dreams, and becoming the Ugandan consul. I might have given it a higher rating if I wasn't an introvert who felt a little overwhelmed by the end of the book. 😂

I see this book EVERYWHERE. Ok, so by everywhere I mean I see it a lot on Instagram and at Target but it seems to really be in my face. 😂The waitlist was long (I get the majority of my books from the library--usually on my phone via the Overdrive App) and I was so excited to get it. It was fine. Rachel is honest and funny and has a lot of motivating life experiences we can learn from but . . . I was let down and I don't really get all of the hype.

Even This: Getting to the Place Where You Can Trust God with Anything by Emily Belle Freeman (non-fiction): RATING: 3

Emily writes about how God is with us even during the terrible times. She felt forgotten by God but through many trials she learned to really trust Him, to be vulnerable and to let go of fear. This book has so many great points. It started to feel repetitive though and was a little scattered at times.

If you have read any of these books, let me know what you thought about them, and please share any book suggestions you have for me! Happy Reading! Colette

{The photo of Michael + I is by Steven Michael Photography}

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