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All I can think when I look at these photos of Sophia is WOW. 😍 Sophia is a bundle of smiles, giggles, and excitement who did such a great job during her photo shoot!

The below photo is one of the last photos we took during Sophia’s photo shoot. I couldn’t hold back my excitement as I showed Sophia the back of my camera (which I usually never do 😆). Her eyes got big as she let out a soft gasp. “I’m sorry but I look BEAUTIFUL!” she exclaimed. To see a 10 year old girl see herself on camera and be THAT excited, my heart fluttered and a huge smile broke out across my face to match hers. I reminded her that she doesn’t need to be sorry for thinking she is beautiful because she IS beautiful. ❤️

Thank you to Sophia + her lovely family for an amazing photo shoot!! Warmly, Colette

We had to get a few shots with big sister Kaylin! 😍

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