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venice beach, los angeles | clotilde

The moment I saw a photo of Clotilde (aka Tilly), I knew she would be the PERFECT model for the gorgeous navy lace gown I found at a vintage store in Kansas City. Tilly's stunning auburn hair and fair skin complement the dress so well. When I envisioned shooting this dress on the beach, THESE photos are what I imagined. I'm so excited to share these photographs with everyone. I feel like I'm sharing a piece of my mind with all of you. 🤗

Tilly did an amazing job modeling on Venice Beach. She was so fun to work with and is an incredibly talented actress! In between smiling and playing in the ocean, we talked about her French culture, and adorable baby girl. 💕💕💕

This is my last photo shoot from my Los Angeles trip. ❤️ To see my previous LA photo shoot, click HERE.

Thank you so much Tilly for helping my vision come to life. It was a pleasure!



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