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5th anniversary

Last month Michael and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. ❤️

Every year on our anniversary, we do a little photoshoot with balloons (# of balloons = # of years we've been married). You can see last year's shoot HERE.🎈🎈🎈🎈🎈

Since our wedding in 2012, I've envisioned taking out my wedding dress and wearing it again for our 5th anniversary photographs. I'm relieved it still fits. 😬 It was HOT out, so we decided to stay inside and shoot in studio--which is fitting because this year I've been shooting more and more in my studio and I love it. 😍 {I also LOVE wearing leather, so I wanted to incorporate a leather jacket over my dress to give it a different vibe}.

I had photo shoots in Los Angeles on our actual anniversary, so we shot these photos when I got back home. When trying to figure out when I could go shoot in LA with my friend Katie and see our friend Paige, it just happened that our wedding anniversary weekend was the only weekend that worked for everyone. When I told Michael, he replied with, "Book it." This is so fitting for our relationship. My advice for a thriving companionship is to be SUPPORTIVE of each other. ❤️ My second piece of advice is to always be open and honest with each other because no matter how long you've been together, you can't read each other's minds. ❤️

Take off the lace and you get a 2nd dress. 😜

And of course we did our annual photo-within-a-photo before we headed to dinner at Pierpont's. ~


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