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model | lorna

Model: Lorna

H&M: Erin with Hello Lovely

I have been DYING to post more photos from my photo shoot with lovely Lorna!! Lorna is a dedicated model (her workout ethic is insane--in a good way! 😄) and a fellow worker at Hoffman International Model and Talent Agency. It's been great getting to know Lorna better at work, and I was excited to have a photo/video shoot with her as well! {Scroll to the bottom to see her video!!}

When Lorna asked if she could bring her beautiful dalmatian pup Nova to our shoot, I quickly agreed! I think this was the first time a dog has even been in our house (well, since we've moved in at least). My husband Michael was so excited when I told him about it. He wants a dog but I always say, "Let's get a cat instead." And then the conversation ends until the next time he brings it up. 😂

Nova did a great job! A shoutout to Lorna's boyfriend for being the dog-tamer for us. 😁

We had to shoot in this spotted gown so Lorna could match Nova.

Click the link to watch Lorna's model video~ 😍

Thank you Lorna for an amazing shoot together!!!! ❤️❤️❤️



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