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richmond, mo | cake smash | easton

The Missouri countryside was the perfect backdrop for Easton's first birthday! There was a chance of rain in the forecast but it turned out to be a gorgeous Saturday evening as family gathered for the adorable campfire party and cake smash.

I can hardly believe Easton is already one! I feel like I took his newborn photos just a few short months ago.

Chillin with his momma. 😍

Easton's custom shirt is from Vazzie Tees (from Aunt Coco 😘).

Easton loved the "firewood" part of his cake and dug into the icing. I don't think he ever made it to the actual cake part but I had a bite and it was tasty. 😁

I think it is safe to say Easton had fun at his birthday party. 🎉

I think big brother Elijah had fun too. 🙂

It wouldn't seem right if a campfire party didn't extend into the night with a soothing fire under the stars. It was the perfect end to a perfect party.



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