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west bottoms, kc | senior 2017 | summer

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Eleanor Roosevelt

Summer is gearing up for her senior year of highschool by staying busy with work, making college decisions, swimming with her friends, and having ice cream dates with her boyfriend. When she isn't super busy, you can find this beautiful and sweet girl drawing with a Gold Peak Green Tea within arm's reach, or stargazing when the sun goes down. Oh, and did I mention this motivated lady is an extremely talented track athlete? She can jump high; like really high. I couldn't even imagine doing what she does!

The other day I had so much fun with Summer (and her mom Lori)! After snacking on some cinnamon almonds and grapes, Summer had her hair and makeup done by the lovely Paige Pelfrey. (Scroll all of the way down to see a Behind the Scenes photo). We took some photos in studio while listening to The Weeknd and then headed to the glorious West Bottoms in Kansas City!

Oh my word, those legs!!

I absolutely ADORED this Hello Summer tank and matching converse duo--so cute!!

See, I wasn't lying about her jumping skills!!

A few studio shots~

And a BTS shot of Paige & Summer. :)

THANK YOU to Summer & Lori & Paige. You guys are the best. Seriously.



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