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colette's closet | holiday parties

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the holidays.

The extra family time, special church services, decadent food, pretty cards, lights on trees, my favorite movies, cozy nights in front of the fireplace, giving to others, and hopefully playing in the snow. What's not to love??

I also love chilly weather clothing. Leggings + boots = comfy perfection. However, sometimes the holidays require dressing up a little for all of the special parties and shenanigans. I assembled some Christmas and New Year's Eve get-ups that hopefully inspire your festive outfits as well!

Fuzzy black sweater, blue sequin skirt and blue tights from Forever 21.

I had to show you the unique buttons on the back of this perfectly Christmas-y dress. Pair with some leather leggings if you're too chilly!

Pair a dress UNDER a skirt to make a dress even more versatile.

Dress and skirt are from Forever 21. Earrings are from Target. Shoes are from Payless.

If you don't already have a dress or skirt in holiday colors, don't fret! Just pair a dress you already have with some fun tights, and you're good to go. I also added some lipstick to make the tights really pop.

Dress and tights are from Forever 21. Heeled booties are from Old Navy. (Greenery is from Hobby Lobby--LOL). :D

Happy holiday parties!!



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