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overland park photo shoot | zeke

When my sister told me she was having a baby boy, I was extremely excited and slightly nervous. Growing up with sisters and then having a niece, boys were definitely in the minority in our family. Of course the first time I held newborn Ezekiel, he melted my heart (and boys are definitely not in the minority in our family any more)!

Now as a four year old, Zeke is a sweetheart who loves to watch Paw Patrol and dress-up as all of the Avengers. He likes to build towers to knock down and play with anything that has wheels.

I like to think that along with our aunt/nephew connection, we also have a middle-child connection. :) However, I do have to admit most of the smiles in the studio photos were from Uncle Waters (the name Zeke gave Michael) dancing behind me while I was shooting. Hehe

Big sister Avis insisted on getting some "love" photos of her and Zeke. :)

We ventured out to the Prairie Fire museum to take some more photos and, more importantly, play with the dinosaurs!

After our Prairie Fire fun, we went to the tippy top of the Ferris Wheel in the new Scheels store. We really like cheap entertainment. :)

What a fun day! I love you Zekey and all of your silliness!


Aunt Coco

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