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anniversary photo shoot | olathe, ks | colette & michael

When I excitedly said yes to a prom invitation as a sixteen year old, I didn’t quite realize that moment would help determine the path of my life. The tall, cute, sweet guy who just asked me to his Junior Prom would soon become my boyfriend, then my long-distance boyfriend, then my fiancé, and finally my husband. I am so thankful we have spent the last nine and a half years of our lives with each other. We are literally growing up together and it’s freaking awesome to always have each other’s backs. We just celebrated our third wedding anniversary, so of course I wanted to mark the occasion with traditions and photos. :)

Our first anniversary tradition is to take some photos with balloons. 3 balloons for 3 years.

Then we take a photo within a photo~ all inception-like. (Don't mind our outfit changes. On second thought, please do note the sweet Chiefs shirt I got Michael for the occasion).

We also fill out a little time-capsule every year and read our letters from the previous year. It's pretty intense. We even have a fancy box.

We keep with the fanciness and have dinner at Pierponts at Union Station. We seriously have more anniversary traditions than Christmas traditions. Thanks Pinterest!

Just for fun, I wanted to take some cute photos of us in our home.



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