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olathe, kansas | head shots | rene' & lindsee

This beautiful mom and daughter duo are not only lovely but also extremely hardworking. Rene sells fresh and pure Arbonne cosmetic and nutrition products and needed a new business head shot. Thus, we started shooting in my little studio to get some clean, professional photos. Then we moved to a park a few blocks away to get some more organic looks with the soft setting sun.

Soon Rene's gorgeous daughter Lindsee also came in to frame. (I love their unique name spellings!) Lindsee is starting a Kansas City blog called "Here's to Becoming." I have inside word it will be launching soon!!

One of the most important ways to brand yourself is by the photo your clients and followers see of you. This is a huge deal, so I was very honored to do this for Lindsee and Rene. I wish them the very, very best in all of their endeavors.



P.S. Arbonne really does have awesome products that are safe and great for you! I'm addicted to their mascara. It. Is. AMAZING. Visit Rene' at or 816-807-4617 if you want to learn more. :)

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