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pam & nate | engagement | kansas city, mo

I'm not one to brag, but my friend Pam is pretty cool. :) We met in 2008 on our first day at Columbia College. I believe we were washing our hands in the bathroom at the same time. Soon we were going to Bible study together, eating lots of Mexican food, going dancing, and talking about books we've read. Now she's a big-time crime scene investagator. . . I told you she was cool! When her and Nate started dating I knew he must be a really special guy, and after Pam told me Nate had proposed I was so excited!! Well, I still am! Now it is full wedding mode for Pam and Nate, and first thing on the list was engagement photos. I love making each engagement shoot unique for the couple, so we incorporated their bikes and shot at the bike trail they ride on together. The bridge had locks that couples had placed there, which was really cute. Look closely at the large lock by Pam and Nate. ;) I'm happy we were able to shoot in the leaves. Autumn is the best!



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