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summer | overland park, ks

Quick side story--I first walked into Hoffman International Model and Talent Agency in 2012 after I graduated college. I was actually referred to them by an agency in South Carolina while I was on spring break with my friends. I started modeling with Hoffman soon after meeting with them, and they offered me a Photo Assistant position the day before my wedding. I had to decline since we were moving to Oklahoma for a year while Michael finished school. Fortunately, they had another opening in 2013 that I could start training for while still living in OKC. Yay! I've been reviewing photos, working on marketing materials and updating webpages for about a year and a half now. I love it! I am finally venturing into fashion and head shot photography. It seems like a great fit to me! Here is my shoot with beautiful Summer who is just starting with Hoffman. We had a blast!



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