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spring is sure to follow

“No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow.”

This year is the most I’ve ever looked forward to the first day of spring. When we found out our baby was due at the beginning of spring and close to Easter, I thought how beautifully poetic God’s timing was once again. (In my #seasonsofhopephotos I often compare the journey of loss and grief with winter but always add in the hope of an upcoming season of spring with flowers.)

God has shown me time and time again that His hand is woven within the timing of our lives. This past week has been a quick whirlwind of change and uncertainty. Throughout my pregnancy with Pepper, I’ve tried my best to keep a positive perspective and focus on the most important thing — getting Pepper here safe and healthy.

I never made a birth plan because I didn’t want to have certain expectations. We’ve had a couple little issues and after one of my appointments I had to stay overnight for monitoring but luckily everything seems to be going well now. Pepper has definitely kept us on our toes!

However one of the biggest curveballs was a few days ago when I got a text from our hospital stating they are not allowing any visitors. I had mentally prepared for things with Pepper’s birth to simply go as they needed to go, but I never imagined our family wouldn’t be able to visit us at the hospital. I’ll admit I was pretty upset and cried several times thinking about it. However, yesterday I kept thinking about the timing of everything and how God already knew this was going to happen.

When I look back and remember how He placed a rainbow in the sky on the day of Bennett’s service and on the day of Pepper’s gender reveal, how we received our Bennett bracelets the same day we found out we were pregnant with Pepper, and how Pepper’s shower invitations were packaged in a box with Bennett’s name on it, I am reminded just how much God loves us. He knows what’s happening and I trust His timing.

P.S. We are 37 weeks today. 💐


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