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holiday to-do list

When it comes to the holiday season, what is on your to-do list?

I write lists to keep my mind focused, and so I don't forget to bring the broccoli salad to my grandma's house for Christmas lunch (yes, one time I forgot it in my fridge and couldn't drive the hour back home to get it).

The other day I was writing random to-do lists, and I thought about what I really wanted to do this holiday season. Too many times we can feel stressed and obligated at the end of the year to make all of the cookie recipes on Pinterest, go to all of the events, and buy all of the things just because they are on sale. I took a deep breath and wrote down what I actually wanted to do this Christmas season. Not what was expected of me or stressed me out, but what actually sounded fun.

I nudge you to do the same. Make a list. Check it twice. Did you put something on there that you secretly feel obligated to do but don't really want to do it? Cross it out. Focus on the things that give you joy this time of year so you can actually relax and celebrate this Christmas!


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