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featured photo shoot: hattie's senior portraits

Your senior portraits should be just that--YOUR senior portraits!

2020 Senior Hattie got her hair and makeup done by Michele Taylor at my studio, and then we headed to the Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens. Hattie's dad met us there with a rolling clothes rack for her outfits. That was GENIUS as we navigated through the gardens!! I have a clothes rack at my studio but I've never had one on location and it was a game changer.

Hattie is a natural in front of the camera; even when the mosquitos attacked during the photo shoot! They swarmed us! I need to remember to have bug spray or after bite in my camera bag in the warmer months.

Hattie had so many great outfit options. I do not have any time or outfit limitations with my portrait sessions! I've had people shoot in one outfit and others wear five. It is totally up to you.

For senior portraits, I suggest at least one fancier outfit (like a nice dress or maybe a suit jacket with nice jeans for guys),

one outfit that you LOVE to wear in real life and really shows your personality,

and for the ladies--at least one outfit that has pants, so we can make sure to get sitting down photos.

I love helping you guys style your outfits, so if you are unsure on what exactly to wear, you can bring me your top options and I will help you pick the very best outfits for your portraits (because sometimes we love to wear certain outfits in real life but they aren't always the most photogenic garments).

Hattie's mom found a cute run down building on the side of the road, so after the garden we went there to shoot Hattie's last outfit as the sun set. If scroll down to that last outfit, you will see an adorable Kate Spade lemon cup I gifted Hattie because she loves lemons and the color yellow and then they wanted to take a few photos with the cup. 🍋Adorable!

Thank you Hattie, Kristi and Brad for having me be a part of this very special time!

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