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nyc - elite models + discourse fashion

I have this lovely habit of taking photos that I LOVE and then waiting for the "perfect" time to post them. Thus, I have waited way too long to post all of these photos from my Discourse fashion shoot in New York City with Elite model Taylor.

Or perhaps this IS the perfect time to be posting these photos and I haven't waited "too long." Yes, I like that idea better. Let's stay positive! 😄

While in college I spent a few summers working at TJ Maxx. One of my coworkers was Jess, who now lives in NYC and owns the ethical clothing line Discourse. I told her I'd be in town so we set up a photo shoot! I got in touch with Elite Models and they connected me with their model Taylor. Everything came together on a windy pier with the sun shining brightly. The moral of the story? Don't be afraid to just ASK. In my experience, most of the time you'll get a YES! (And if you get a No? Who cares!)

Taylor was so cute when I told her I wanted to include ice cream in the shoot. I was making sure she was into it (I thought MAYBE not everyone liked ice cream??) but luckily her eyes lit up and she finished every last bite with a smile. (I was jealous). I think her exact words were “best shoot ever.” #winning 🙌🍦Scroll down to see the ice cream shots!

Navy top, black dress + yellow dress: Discourse

Thank you to Taylor, Elite + Discourse for helping make this shoot happen!

I cut the neckline off a shirt I bought for $2 at a thrift store and packed it in my camera bag for such a time as this. Taylor played along as I put the collar over her head and we stepped under the shade of a tent to shoot. She totally rocked it. My favorite photos tend to be the ones where I include a special prop or outfit I have tucked away in my bag, so thank you to all of my clients who allow me to be my creative self. ❤️

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