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Michael and I loved our time in Mexico. The breeze was warm and the sound of waves followed us from our private balcony to our al fresco dining. The slices of rich chocolate cake and glasses of merlot were endless. We felt spoiled with little gifts left for us in our room--hats, slippers, chocolates. We were greeted with cold towels and refreshing cucumber drinks as we first walked into our resort. Not even my sunburnt legs could deter from the magical essence that is UNICO 20°87°. (I promise I diligently put sunscreen on but the sun has a sneaky way of getting me.)

We mainly lounged on the beach and our balcony. I loved our balcony and room so much. I wanted to move in. We snorkeled and swam with dolphins and visited ancient Mayan ruins. I read and wrote. Michael napped. We ate and took salsa lessons and played pretend blackjack. It was pretty much perfect.

When we travel I try my best to be PRESENT and not obsessed with constantly taking photos. So we always plan an hour or two for us to take photographs and capture us on the trip. This way I know we will get great photos and can be more in the moment the rest of the time. I simply grab my wireless remote, prop my camera on whatever we can find (like a lounge chair and all of the books I packed) and then click away as we snuggle and act silly.

We did not plan it this way, but we were in Mexico on March 10th which was the 13 year anniversary of Michael asking me to be his girlfriend. We've been committed to one another since that moment. March 10th, 2019 was one of my favorite days as we swam with dolphins and then simply relaxed on our balcony. Even though it was not our initial plan to be traveling at this time, I am thankful we were able to jet off and enjoy these days together in such a stunning place that God created for us to enjoy. If you have a hard anniversary coming up this year, I urge you to plan something. It does not have to be a trip but just something new to distract you. I think it's healing to create new happy memories on these hard days and can help you take steps forward. ❤️

Thank you to my friend Michele Taylor for booking this trip for us. It was perfect and we are so grateful for your travel guidance.

Here are some snapshots we captured on our phones~

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