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3.7.9 These words have been etched into my soul since last summer. Before I knew Bennett’s due date, a stranger randomly told me those three numbers. Once I found out our due date was literally March 7th, 2019, I saw it as a sign from God telling me He was in control and everything was going to be ok. When it turned out everything was not ok, I still knew God was in control but I was so confused. Was it just a coincidence that this man told me those numbers and soon after I learned our due date was very close to those same digits? If it wasn’t a coincidence, what does it mean? I’ve struggled with finding a meaning to this and I still haven’t found one. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to March 8th. To finally be past the date that I boldly marked in my calendar. I’m trying to look past “finding a meaning” and just trusting God that He has us cradled in His hands; that He knows everything and truly wants the best for us. In the book, “Loved Baby," Sarah Philpott, Author suggests making plans for hard anniversaries. Whether the plan is to take off work, see family, hang out alone with your spouse, go out of town, have a staycation, binge on Netflix, volunteer your time, or visit your loved one’s memorial site, just have a plan and stick to it.

Michael and I’s plan is to be together and relax. We’ve planned fun things for the next few days so we can look forward to this time. It’s not what we were planning a few months ago to be doing right now, but I’m thankful that we are able to be together and enjoy life on earth with the time God has given us.

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