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tanya + bachelorette party

I just love Tanya! Her energy and smile is contagious. She is kind, giving, positive and energetic. You can't help but to smile when you are around her. She is a nurse and served our country in the army. Her strength and dedication to exercising and enjoying life is so motivating. I always feel inspired by her posts on Instagram. I can just go on and on! But what is my very favorite thing about Tanya? She is great at making others feel special and isn't afraid to also invest in herself.

Tanya realized she didn’t have any current professional photos with her hair styled naturally so we embraced her gorgeous curls as we shot around a beautiful Airbnb in KC. 😍(Her hair and makeup was done by Nancy Tierney). I was SO happy that we got this shoot in because Tanya actually lives in California. She was in town hosting an amazing bachelorette party for her sister Erin which I was photographing. Tanya and I fit in this mini photo shoot while the other ladies were getting their hair and makeup finished. Thank you for trusting me to document this special, fun day!! ❤️Scroll all the way down to see party photos too!!

Tanya hosted a 50s themed bachelorette party for her sister Erin which I was so honored to photograph! Nancy Tierney, Jami Roth + Jolie Carrillo-Allen did all of the hair and makeup. I had so much for with these beautiful ladies. Congratulations Erin!!!

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