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samantha in new york

I still can't get over my trip to NYC in August with my photographer friend Katie! We spent a few days in New York shooting with models and also saw Dear Evan Hansen (our flight was delayed so we literally made it to our seats for the show JUST in time--we felt like we were in the Amazing Race people!!), went to a show at the Comedy Cellar where Aziz Ansari randomly showed up to try out some new material, and drank lots of coffee in coffee shops around our awesome Airbnb.

One of my photo shoots was with the very kind Samantha Bowers, known online as blogger The Fit Brunette. Samantha’s smile is contagious and she makes everyone feel like they’ve been friends forever. Her fitness and social media game is strong but I can tell you her heart and passion are even stronger! She was in New York this summer for an internship and is now back in KC and she recently competed in Miss Missouri. Our trip was timed perfectly to be able to shoot with Samantha. I really wanted to shoot at Coney Beach, since I’ve never been there before and I thought it’d be cool to get beach shots in New York. Everything worked out and we had a fun shoot on the beach! Thank you Samantha for an awesome photo shoot and being down for whatever—like dipping your hair in the ocean! ❤ -Colette

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