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tyler at monarch coffee

I always love working with Tyler, a fashion-savvy blogger who just got back from a dream European trip. (I’m not jealous at all). Before his trip we had a photo shot at the ever so lovely Monarch Coffee in Kansas City. We were both excited to shoot at Monarch and try a Lavender Mocha Latte (which was delicious). Monarch may just be my favorite coffee shop I’ve ever been to in my life. As a light drizzling of rain fell around us, we felt like we were in the middle of New York City. Tyler wanted to shoot at Monarch because . . .

1. It is beautiful. We were dying over the modern white and black aesthetics accented with floral patterns.

2. Coffee + pastries are two of the finest things in this world.

3. Tyler thought it was the perfect venue to show his maturity + sophistication after graduating high school . . . and it was!

Thank you Tyler for a magnificent photo shoot of sipping lattes + eating pastries! I think every photo shoot should go like this. 😄Warmly, Colette

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