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colette's closet | happy valentine's day!

Love, it's a special day We should celebrate and appreciate That you and me found something pretty neat And I know some say this day is arbitrary But, it's a good excuse Put our love to use, baby I know what to do, baby I, I will love you I'll love you . . .

So, won't you be my honeybee? Giving me kisses all the time Be mine Be my Valentine

-"Valentine" lyrics by Kina Grannis Happy Valentine's Day friends!

I haven't written a Colette's Closet blog post in awhile because I've just been posting outfits on Instagram with the hashtag #colettescloset. But when it's Valentine's Day and you have 2 outfits and your friend Katie Meserko took photos of you, you do a blog post. 😍I hope your February is full of LOVE! ❤️

Outfit #1: {Click each underlined item to buy your own}.

Socks: My mom

Outfit #2:

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