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west bottoms, kc | senior | patricia

Kind. Animated. Believer.

That's Patricia for you. ❤️

Patricia is full of life and faith. She always brightens the room with her infectious smile. When she isn't working hard at school, you can probably find Patricia watching anime or chick flicks, baking something yummy or curled up with a good book.

With 80's music in the background, we started the shoot off in the studio with Patricia's go-to soft flannel.

Oh, and Patricia plays the viola. Yep, she is pretty much amazing.

Then we ventured to the West Bottoms in Kansas City. Patricia has serious style. ✌️

Did I forget to mention Patricia plays volleyball (and is a model/actress and is starting a new blog)? 🙌 😜 This girl can do anything! #girlpower

Thank you Patricia for a fun afternoon together!

Also, thank you to Michele Taylor for the beautiful hair and makeup styling. 😍



#senior #teenager

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