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new york city | girls trip

A couple months ago my fellow photographer friend Katie asked me and our makeup stylist friend Paige if we'd want to take a trip together to New York in July. Ummm, let me think about that . . . YES!

Pretty much the next day we booked our flights and we, well mainly Paige, started looking at Airbnbs. I was a little nervous about booking an Airbnb but Paige lived in New York for awhile and swears by Airbnbs so I went along with it. I am so glad we did. Our experience was perfect and it saved us a ton of money. Plus staying in an apartment made us feel like we were really living in New York and gave us plenty of room for living and hair and makeup and shooting. :D

Our first day quickly approached and we had our first lesson--do not wear sequins through airport security. Katie's adorable KC Royals tank top had sequins on it which supposedly registers as something bad on the scanner. They literally looked through every pocket in her bags and took her away into a little room. It was a scary time. Then we got onto our plane and were ready to jet-set but then they made everyone get off of the plane and we were delayed 2 hours. What the heck? Eventually, we landed in the Big Apple and grabbed an Uber (my first time EVER; crazy right?!). After meeting our super nice host, we were soon walking around the East Village and walked into a really yummy Italian restaurant, and then met up with some of Paige's friends.

We wanted to "work" some on the trip so we ended up shooting with two awesome ladies~ Tal (see my shoot with her here) and Laura (see her shoot here). It was so much fun to shoot in a new city, especially one like NEW YORK CITY. Plus, both Tal & Laura were so sweet and fun. Want to hear a "small world" story? Laura saw a photo on the apartment's living room wall of a group of girls and said she knew one of them. It was the girl whose apartment we were staying in. Haha! They used to work together when Laura first moved to NY. :D

The rest of our trip was a whirlwind--shopping, sightseeing, eating, bar-hopping, watching the musical Paramour and cracking up at some comedy shows.

~We saw Gigi Hadid shooting on top of that tour bus! :D~

One day we walked around Central Park and went on the roof of the Met. It was tiring but so worth it!

The below photos of me were taken by the talented Katie Meserko of Katie Marie Photography. :)

Our last stop before heading back to KC was the beautiful Brooklyn Bridge, which I hadn't been to before!

Katie is a video genius and made this fun video of our trip. Check it out!



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