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colette's closet | ROYAL autumn days

I LOVE this time of year. One of the reasons for my affection is my obsession with boots. Autumn time = boot time. I REALLY wanted to wear my blue boots because 1. They are super cute, and 2. Go Royals!! However, if you are a fellow Midwest-dweller, you know the weather changes like I change my mind (in other words, constantly). So, I did the only thing I could do in this situation, I wore my blue boots with my baby blue shirt/dress and paired it with blue tights instead of my thicker leggings. This is what you do in 78 degree fall weather, and I felt pretty good doing it.

My shirt/dress is from Forever 21, as well as my double geo necklace and tights. My rockin' boots are from JustFab (yes, I succumbed to the commercials), and my little gray shorts are from Target.

(Thank you to bae for taking my photo before we dove into chips and queso at Mi Rachito).



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