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50th anniversary session | richmond, mo | sherry & raymond

Sherry & Raymond were set up on a blind date by Raymond’s cousin in Excelsior Springs, Missouri. It wasn’t technically a blind date since they had both noticed each other before but they hadn’t been “formally introduced.” Raymond states he had previously asked for a drink of Sherry’s pop while in a group of mutual friends and was surprised when she offered the Coke to him without a thought. Sherry has no memory of this, but her giving nature proves it really did happen. :)

On the night of the big date, Sherry patiently waited for Ray to pick her up at her house. After waiting for a whole hour, her mom decided they should go get ice cream and forget about the boy. Later, Raymond’s cousin asked Sherry why she stood up Ray. She was shocked, saying she did not stand him up but waited an hour for him. She did not yet know that Raymond usually ran a little late (and would for the rest of his life). : ) However, he wasn’t late to their next date and they had a fun time together. They went their separate ways for a few months until Ray gave Sherry a call and they started going steady. One night, Raymond was walking Sherry to her door when he asked her, “Can you really be this happy all of the time?” Sherry just laughed because honestly, she was usually always happy and loving life. : )

Soon they were married and the rest, as they would say, is history.

After several moves, two daughters, a son, five grandchildren and their fifth great-grandchild on the way, they smile at each other and agree that this time right now is one of the best seasons of their life.

I am lucky enough to call this couple Grandma and Grandpa, and was able to celebrate their special 50th wedding anniversary with them. I don't think Grandma has ever met a stranger, and she is always up for singing and dancing. Grandpa loves to be outside and is an avid bike-rider, recently riding 73 miles for his 72nd birthday. We are very blessed to have this fun, loving, Christian couple be the head of our family, and I was thrilled when we had perfect weather for a quick photo shoot around their home.

I love you Grandma & Grandpa. Thank you for everything you do for your family & friends!



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