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to the pregnant mamas during covid

Here is a different kind of mask—a mask of hope, bravery, femininity, and strength. 💐

To all of the mamas out there who are pregnant or have recently given birth, I want to remind you how strong you are. ⁠

In normal circumstances mothers show their inner strength while bringing their babies into the world, but during a pandemic you have to be ⁠

extra brave, ⁠

extra strong, ⁠

extra flexible. ⁠

I know so many aspects of your life are not going as you have planned right now. Whether this is your first child or fifth child, it can be frightening to have so many decisions and factors out of your hands. ⁠

However, you love your baby and would do anything for him or her, which includes going to doctor appointments alone, distancing yourself and your baby from loved ones, missing out on baby showers, and postponing photo shoots. ⁠

To the moms who labored and delivered with a mask on her face, I applaud you. You did the impossible. To the dads who had to miss out on the birth of their babies or miss out on their sweet first hours of life, I am so sorry. To the parents who lost babies and had to grieve without their loved ones there, I have literally shed tears for you. I can imagine going through loss alone and it makes my heart break. ⁠

You might feel alone mamas but you are not. There are so many women giving birth right now. We are in this together. As God watches over us, He knew nine months ago that this was going to be your birth story. He walked with you then and He walks with you now. ⁠💐

(Self portrait taken in March 2020)


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