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the longest night of the year

Today we observe winter solstice—the longest night of the year. Perhaps you've felt like this whole year has been a never-ending cycle of darkness. You are trying to search for the light; to see the sun peek its head over the mountain you are trying to climb over as your feet seem to sink further and further into a valley that is too deep, too dark, too consuming. You are not alone. I’ll grab one of your hands as God holds on to the other and lifts us up and over to the other side. It might be dark now, but the light is coming. The sun always rises. Tonight marks a long time of darkness, but that means tomorrow's darkness is a little shorter, and it’ll be a little shorter the next night and a little shorter the next. It's ok to be sad. It's ok to feel what you feel. Darkness never goes away. We have nighttime without fail. But please know, there are people around you who love you and want to help lift you up. There is light. There is light.

*This is a self portrait taken with roses we received after we lost Bennett. To me, seeing the promises of flowers in the snow is the perfect representation of feeling the hope of spring even in the midst of a painful winter. #seasonsofhopephotos

If you are struggling this holiday season with any feelings of sadness, or would like to support people in your community who are struggling, join me at the Blue Christmas service at Indian Creek Community Church in Olathe, KS on Sunday, December 22nd at 5:00pm. It is so important to be there for one another and I’m thankful my church holds a Blue Christmas service.


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