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our couch

We are homebodies, and this is our favorite place to be together—on our living room couch that we picked out almost six years ago when we moved into our house.

We’ve had movie nights here and binge watched shows on Netflix. I’ve worked on my laptop and had The Office playing in the background here for hours upon hours. We’ve listened to The Beatles in this spot while Michael played video games and I edited photos.

Each time I walked downstairs with a positive pregnancy test, I’ve shown Michael the good news while he was sitting on this couch.

I’ve curled up on this couch with a blanket when I didn’t feel well, and I’ve let my tears fall on Michael’s chest while lying here during life’s hardest days.

I’ve spilled garlic sauce while eating delivery pizza here and dropped pasta that we cooked for dinner and, most recently, forgot to fully close my nail polish bottle so it leaked onto the chaise. You can always find some Khaleesi hairs stuck to the fabric and now that Pepper is with us, there are some spit-up stains too.

During the day Pepper and I cuddle up together on this couch and I nurse her. We are starting to put her upstairs during her naps but she napped on this couch in-between me and Michael for hours, and when she naps on daddy, they are snuggled together here.

So you might just see a simple couch, but I see our beautiful day-to-day moments.

When I look at this photo, I see our life together and a dream that has come true.

I’ve wanted a photo like this for a long time but it was too hard to capture with a tripod. Thank you Lillian R Photography for capturing this moment for us. ❤️


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