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announcing baby pepper

Back in August as the news of Pepper started to sink in, I wanted to share about our baby with our immediate family pretty quickly. It’s hard for me to keep a major secret like I’m pregnant from the people closest to me. Plus, I really wanted those extra prayers and support that I knew our close family and friends would lift up once we told them! We waited about 3.5 weeks from when we got the positive pregnancy test to telling anyone the news. It was hard for me!

I thought I was being as sneaky as possible but our families had their suspicions. Mainly because I usually have dinner at my parent’s house in Orrick once a week while Michael goes home after work instead of making the trek to Orrick. So when I said Michael was coming over for dinner, they were suspecting something was up. I’m pretty sure the last time Michael came over for a weekday dinner at my parent’s house was when we told them we were pregnant last year, so there you go. haha

However, a couple days before this dinner was Michael’s mom Karla’s birthday. We hadn’t seen her on her actual birthday so it was the perfect timing. Michael would come to dinner because afterwards we were going to his parent’s house for his mom’s birthday. And I told Michael’s parents we were coming over to their house later to give Karla her birthday card.

P.S. I don’t know why I feel like I have to be sneaky when announcing we are pregnant, but I do. ‍🤷‍♀️

I wanted to share the news in a meaningful yet simple way. I found these rainbow cards online and knew they were perfect. I printed off ultrasound photos and wrote “Bennett is going to be a big brother!” on the inside of the cards to give out. 🌈

I also used these cards and photos of these cards to tell more family and friends the happy news.

Later, on the first day of fall, I made pumpkin muffins and brought them to work with me at Hoffman’s office. I really love fall so I told everyone I brought a special fall treat! I made this cute "A lil pumpkin is coming soon" sign for the muffins to surprise everyone. 🧡☺️ It worked!

I like coming up with cute ideas like these but I try not to stress too much about it all because at the end of the day, growing a baby is exciting enough by itself! ❤️


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