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Paying It Forward | Bennett's Birthday + Pregnancy + Infant Loss Awareness Day

October is Pregnancy + Infant Loss Awareness Month and today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day.

Two years ago I first shared publicly about our first miscarriage.

A year ago I was still pregnant with Bennett.

I didn’t know that in just a couple days my heart would be ripped in two when we found out we had lost our precious son at 20 weeks. As Bennett’s 1st birthday quickly approaches, I have mixed feelings on how we should honor him. A birthday party does not seem appropriate, since his birthday is also his official day of death. I don’t feel like celebrating. It was a physically and emotionally exhausting time. I don’t feel like looking at a birthday cake or decorations and remembering that he will never have a real birthday party.

But we love Bennett.

So much.

He has taught us a lot and has touched many people’s lives. So I thought something we can do in his honor is to give back and continue his legacy of making a positive impact on others. We can do an act of kindness, big or small, in celebration of Bennett. I made these little cards (that match his funeral programs I made) to help us and others pay it forward in honor of Bennett. You can give the card to the person you pay it forward to, or keep it yourself as a reminder to do something nice on Bennett's birthday Saturday, October 19th. I also made a generic card that you can use and write in your baby's name or any loved one who you've lost if you want to do an act of kindness in honor of them.

To get your cards you can print out or save on your phone, click HERE.

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